Our Stories

Cherry - Landholder at Ashbourne

Cherry and her husband David own and manage a 407 hectare property south of Adelaide.  They have been caring for their remnant bushland as well as undertaking revegetation of degraded areas.

Read more of her story here (PDF)

Andrew – Volunteer on Yantaringa Reserve

Andrew is one of the volunteer bushcarers on Yantaringa Reserve near Hahndorf.  Together with other bushcarers Anna, Di and Ingrid, he is helping to regenerate this beautiful and diverse piece of remnant vegetation.

Read more about Yantaringa Reserve here (PDF)

“The Bikers” –Volunteers at Eagle Mountain Bike Park

After attending a BFL workshop in 2003 a small group of mountain bikers have adopted the bushland next to one of their favorite recreational spots.  Regular bushcare days have pushed back the invasive woody weeds helping to preserve habitat for some rare and endangered flora.

Read more of their story here (PDF)

“The ‘Ayn Academy” – Volunteers on Bridgewater Reserve

The ‘Ayn Academy is an Islamic group dedicated to knowledge and good works.  After coming to a BFL workshop they adopted Bridgewater Reserve and have been holding regular bushcare days ever since. 

Read more of their story here (PDF)

John – Landholder at Willunga

John owns a farm near Willunga that includes 15 hectares of Stringybark forest.  Making sure the bushland remains in pristine condition is his focus, tackling the encroaching woody weeds with Bush For Life’s minimal disturbance methodology.

Read more of his story here (PDF)

Elizabeth – Landholder at Waitpinga

Elizabeth has set aside precious remnant vegetation on her property for conservation and welcomes other Bush For Life volunteers to assist her to regenerate high conservation significance ecosystems.

Read more of her story here (PDF)

Ting – Bush Action Team Volunteer

A truly international bushcarer, after migrating from Taiwan Ting was a regular volunteer on our Bush Action Teams for a couple of years, sadly for us Ting is now across the ditch caring for the New Zealand environment!

Read more of her story here (PDF)

Jon – Volunteer at Macclesfield and Lonsdale

Over the last ten years Jon has volunteered on a number of Bush For Life sites.  He has enjoyed getting to know different patches of bushland as diverse as Mallee Box woodland at Lonsdale, and Stringybark Woodland at Macclesfield.

Read more of his story here (PDF)

Karen – Volunteer at Piney Ridge Road, Nairne

Over the last eight years Karen and a small number of volunteers have been working away at the Piney Ridge Road Bush For Life site on the Northern side of Nairne, a beloved site that they describe as a botanical time capsule.  Through their dedication they have witnessed the regeneration of native vegetation on the site, and learnt a bit about the personal benefits of spending time caring for the bush.

Read more of his story here (PDF)