Sites and Projects


Our network of over 300 Bush For Life sites has been established progressively since 1994. 

Each site is selected by mutual agreement with the landholder (councils, corporate or private landholders).  Sites range in size from less than a hectare to hundreds of hectares.

Sites are selected to:

  • Contain high value remnant vegetation
  • Be suitable for volunteers (or landholders) to work on
  • Be suitable for minimal disturbance bush regeneration techniques

We have a long term commitment to sites, as bush regeneration is a slow business requiring on-going care.



Site transformations

There has been a spectacular transformation of several sites over the years, thanks to the dedication, persistence and passion of Bush For Life volunteers and regional coordinators. The best way to show this are before and after photos. The featured sites are Shannon Reserve, Barossa Reservoir and Cherry Gardens Cemetery sites.

Please contact us for information about Bush For Life sites in your region p| 8406 0500 or email