For Volunteers

Over 700 volunteers can’t be wrong! Whatever your reason for volunteering is you’ll find it’s a fun, healthy and rewarding way to make a contribution to our natural environment.

Step 1: Come to a workshop

Come to a one-day Bushcare Workshop where you will learn:

  • Why the bush needs our help
  • The best strategies for restoring the bush
  • How to use minimal disturbance techniques     
  • How to work safely in the bush
  • How to get involved

Why not ask a friend to come to the workshop with you?

Step 2: Choose what you want to do

Come to a Group Activity

For those who like to work with other like-minded people, we offer regular small group activities (Bush Action Teams) in a range of bush locations. All activities are supervised by our highly skilled Regional Coordinators.

We provide equipment, safety gear and guidance for the task at hand.

We offer both half day and whole day activities, called Bush Action Teams (BATs), or mini-Bush Action Teams (mini-BATs).

This is a great way to learn bush regeneration skills, see new bushland sites and meet others.

For some activities we provide transport from our Brooklyn Park headquarters to the bushland site.

See what happens on a Bush Action Team day Here. (Or click on the picture above right)

Adopt a Site

Maybe you’d like to ‘adopt a site’. We have over 300 established sites to choose from. Our Regional Coordinator can introduce you to an established bush regeneration site in a location convenient to you. Your Regional Coordinator will supply you with basic bush regeneration tools and safety gear and help you get to know the site and its native plants, and discuss a plan of action with you.

You can work alone or with others, visiting the site at your own pace and timeframe. Even three hours a month of bush regeneration will make a big difference to your site.

At regular catch-ups your Regional Coordinator will guide you, replenish your supplies and if needed organise a group activity to help you tackle a persistent problem.

Listen to volunteer stories about adopting a Bush For Life site Here. (Or click on the picture above right)

Work on your own bushland

If you own a bush block you can use your skills on your own land.

For Landholders

Step 3: Learn more

Bush For Life offers opportunities for continuous learning.

Discover more about the plants and animals that inhabit the bush, and the weeds that threaten them. Understandand use the best techniques to get the natives regenerating and defeat invasive weeds.

Come to Bush For Life’s advanced workshops, which cover topics such as native plant and grass identification, advanced bush management techniques, brushcutting for biodiversity and more.