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Trees are the lungs of the world. Trees and other vegetation remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow and replace it with oxygen. Because we all need oxygen to survive it is important to maintain a strong and healthy tree cover across the globe. Our carbon program was established to provide opportunities for those who want to help reverse deforestation and to take more responsibility for their personal impact on the environment. 

All Trees For Life carbon plantings aim to replicate local native forests and are not intended for any future clearance. We aim to create dynamic sustainable native forests which will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide multiple environmental benefits. Read more

Our Program

TFL Carbon provides opportunities for businesses and individuals to assess their carbon impact. 
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Calculate your impact

Getting some help with your calculations. Where to start? 
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Our contributors

Companies and individuals contributing to the environment through the TFL Carbon program. Read more

Your carbon choices

Choose the option that suits you best. Read more


Carbon facts

A carbon credit represents a tonne of emissions avoided by using new methods or ...
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Our carbon plantings

Trees For Life has been establishing native forests for carbon sequestration funded by individuals, small business and corporations. Read more