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I’m in business. Where do I start?

More and more businesses are looking to establish green credentials and to use green initiatives to gain market advantage. In turn clients are demanding more sustainable products and services.

We suggest three simple steps to get you started:

  1. Use our calculator to Measure your current carbon impact
  2. Identify areas of waste and Reduce what you can
  3. Take action to Offset the remainder using VCUs of fund trees for future sequestration

Call us for assistance with the calculator and to discuss your offset options.

Need some professional help?

If you would like some skilled professional assistance with your carbon audit and detailed advice on offsetting carbon in your particular profession or industry contact one of our trusted audit associates:

Pangolin Associates are a national company that can provide you with comprehensive advice on how to make your business more sustainable. Pangolin Associates helps you reduce your carbon footprint through tailored sustainability services. Pangolin help their clients focus first on workplace energy efficiencies, cost savings and compliance.

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Offsets: carbon credits & GreenPower
  • Verifications: NCOS, NGER & GRI
  • Carbon tax impact assessment – based on Australia’s Carbon Pricing Mechanism
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS): ISO 14001

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Green Ochre (GO) is an environmental performance improvement company that works with organisations to review their operations, and advise on and recommend measures to help implement better practices and systems that lead to savings . . . in both business costs and to the environment.

  • GO has particular expertise in corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability reporting, environmental, social and governance factors (ESG)
  • GO is recognised for their ability to work with organisations to improve resource efficiency (energy, water and waste)
  • GO builds environmental teams for major projects
  • GO has a proven track record in sourcing funds for programs, such as resource reviews and project installation, and securing government grants
  • GO works on behalf of the enterprise and its network of suppliers, contractors and consultants
  • GO’s team has strong specialist expertise complemented by environmental management system training and is knowledgeable about current environmental issues

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