Our Program

TFL Carbon provides opportunities for businesses and individuals to assess their carbon impact; retire carbon credits and/or fund the establishment of new native forests for future carbon sequestration.

Revegetation has been part of our core business for over thirty years now, but as part of the international effort to restore lost forests, there is the requirement that plants grown for long term carbon sequestration be legally protected from clearance. We do this by registering a Forest Property Agreement over land we plant specifically for carbon sequestration.


Under the current Carbon Offset Standard carbon credits cannot be generated in Australia through forest activities. While this is likely to change with the introduction of the Carbon Farming Initiative we offer Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) generated outside Australia. When selecting VCUs we look for products that do not create environmental or social problems through their creation.

And because revegetation is part of our core business we offer a product that includes VCUs for those who need accredited units and trees for those who want to support major revegetation projects that will bring the long term benefits of carbon sequestration, habitat creation and improvements in biodiversity.

Fund the retirement of carbon credits and help revegetate degraded land through our Carbon Offset Plus options.  We work on the formula that 5 native trees will sequester 1 tonne of carbon in their lifetime. Read more