Your carbon choices

Choose the option that suits you best:

VERIFIED CARBON UNITS  -  Choose this option if you want to advertise that you are ‘offsetting’ carbon. These units are generated outside Australia through renewable energy projects and meet the National Carbon Offsetting Standard.  We will retire them on your behalf through the Markit Environmental Registry.

$12.00 per tonne GST exclusive

CARBON OFFSET PLUS - Make a direct difference to the environment in Australia by adding a donation to support the establishment of native forests on private land.  1 VCU + 1 Tree For Carbon

$16 per tonne GST exclusive

TREES FOR CARBON  - If you don’t need verified credits but want to fund new trees planted locally in  plantings protected for 30 years, then you can choose Trees For Carbon.  We work on the estimate that 5 trees will absorb one tonne of carbon over their lifetime.

$4 per tree tax deductible donation

TREES FOR HABITAT -  Trees For Habitat provide identical benefits Trees For Carbon except that the legal protection period over the planting is a minimum of 10 years

$3.50 per tree GST exclusive

GIFT OF TREES - Gift Certifcates for all occasions - event, function, birthday, life

Alan and Norm planting tubestock at a carbon planting at Flaxley

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Carbon project fact sheet