Make a one-off donation

If you want to make a practical contribution to the environment but don’t have time to volunteer, why not help out by making a donation?

Members, volunteers and donors all contribute to our successful restoration and rehabilitation works. Every contribution helps make tangible improvements on the ground.

Even a small donation helps:

  • Protect endangered fauna and flora by restoring remnant vegetation
  • Restore previously cleared land
  • Convert greenhouse gases into oxygen
  • Minimise salinity and soil erosion

The Australian landscape and its flora and fauna is uniquely beautiful and very fragile. It is an integral part of who we and its future health is in our hands. Without native vegetation we lose our connection with the past, our cultural and natural heritage and our local identity

All donations to Trees For Life of $2 or more are tax deductible. Donate now

Photo: Leeanne Osmond, view from Mt Barker