Help our birds sing again!

Will you help our birds sing again?

Trees For Life works with landholders, volunteers and other groups to create habitat that supports many species of this Diamond firetail that was drawn by my son, Miles. He loves birds and birdwatching and is lucky to be able to spend time in nature. However the future of many of the birds he loves, like this beautiful creature, is at risk. At Trees For Life we want future generations to experience the joy my son has from exploring the bush and seeing our native wildlife.

Donate now to help our birds sing again

Trees For Life has been successful in creating more of the local habitat needed to support many species of birds and other wildlife in South Australia.

By the end of this planting season, the Paddock Tree Project will have successfully planted 16,000 seedlings over an area of 6,000 hectares.  These seedlings will develop into the iconic paddock trees so desperately needed to replace the ageing ones.  The species planted included gums, wattles, sheoaks and acacias in a corridor stretching from Strathalbyn to Gawler.  We are extremely grateful to the landholders who took part in the project for recognising and acting on the need to protect the local wildlife as well as provide additional shade for their stock. This project would not have been possible without the partnership of Natural Resources Adelaide & Mt Lofty and the Australian Government. However, with 30% cuts to national funding for the environment, the future of the Paddock Tree Project is uncertain.

Habitat is crucial!

Over the coming planting season, the Direct Seeding team is working on a number of important projects to improve habitat for rare bird species, as well as three nationally threatened flora species.   

Our Belvidere project is located between Strathalbyn and Langhorne Creek.  Here the team is restoring Peppermint Box Grassy Woodland with direct seeding and tubestock planting; and extending the existing 14 hectares with new stock.  This woodland is currently home to the nationally threatened Silver Daisy Bush and the Neat Wattle.  Amazingly, this relatively small parcel of land is very important to populations of eight bird species that are recognised as being at risk including the Grey and Peregrine Falcon, Hooded Robin, Elegant Parrot and Diamond Firetail.

If we can increase and build connections between even small parcels of land like the one at Belvidere, we will help protect and save many of our bird and fauna species from the brink of extinction.

Your donation will help Trees For Life improve habitat for our rare bird species. 

We have so many beautiful, iconic creatures here in Australia and we want future generations to experience the beauty we see around us in nature.  Yet the sad fact is that we’ve lost hundreds of our native species since the first European settlers arrived. Much of what remains is highly fragmented and in poor condition. This will only be exacerbated by the impacts of climate change. In the last 10 years alone, 14 species have been identified as nationally threatened, including four birds.

We need to do all we can to save dwindling populations from extinction. Will you help us continue to improve habitat for our dwindling bird species?

Please help Miles and future generations see these special creatures.

If you would like to donate today, please visit our website or call us on 08 8406 0500.

Warm regards,
Natasha Davis, CEO