Fund My Neighbourhood Funding Success!

Fund My Neighbourhood Funding Success!

We're thrilled to announce Trees For Life will receive funding for two Fund My Neighbourhood projects: 

Woody Weeds Be Gone at Carrick Hill - Protecting Nationally Endangered Grey Box Grassy Woodland at Carrick Hill

There is a significant area of remnant nationally endangered grey box grassy woodland in the public access area behind Carrick Hill. Unfortunately, the health of this native habitat is being threatened by declared woody weeds. Volunteers are currently working to remove weeds, but the woody weeds are a tough job and would take them at least 10 years. This funding would pay for contractors to remove woody weeds in the main areas of concern. We will also create an interpretive brochure and signage to improve the visitor experience in this area.

Nature Walk to School at Crafers -  Creating a safer and more natural walking trail to school.

Walking to school is an important part of a healthy, active childhood. Many kids walk along the Piccadilly Road walking trail, but in some places there is no path so they have to walk on the road. We will create a new section of path to improve safety. We will also improve the health of the natural environment by controlling woody weeds and Crafers Primary School kids will plant local native seedlings grown by Stirling District Kindy kids.

We're very grateful to everyone who voted. Thank you, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the projects as they progress.