Tennyson Dunes revegetation

Professional restoration services

Trees For Life is widely known for its environmental work with volunteers. We also have experienced natural resource management staff available to assist with work requiring professional paid staff.

TFL Works is the professional arm of Trees For Life’s conservation and revegetation program. The team is trained and experienced to assist and advise on sustainable management of your natural resource assets. Our work values and promotes biodiversity. Read more

TFL Works

TFL Works provides professional on-ground services including weed control, site rehabilitation, tree planting and bushland management. Read more


Westwood Nursery

Westwood Nursery is a production nursery specialising in growing high quality local provenance seedlings for South Australia 
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Direct Seeding

Direct seeding is designed for broad scale revegetation. It is an excellent way to revegetate your property quickly and efficiently. Read more

Tree Scheme

The Tree Scheme matches country landholders with volunteers - the most cost effective way to revegetate your property.  You can order the material to grow up to 1000 local native seedlings to revegetate your property. 

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Trees For Life provides professional training services in revegetation, propagation, seed collection and bushland conservation. Customised Training can also be arranged for groups, Government Departments and Councils.



Case Studies

Trees For Life Works has undertaken numerous land management plans and on-ground works for major stakeholders.