Tree Scheme

Supported by the Community

The Tree Scheme is a South Australian 'icon' - known and widely loved for its no-frills but effective approach to involving large numbers of people living in both urban and rural SA in a large-scale and practical effort to revegetate the state. It helps country landholders to revegetate their properties by providing low cost local native seedlings. Trees For Life is proudly able to offer this service through our membership base, donations, subscriptions and time volunteered. The Tree Scheme has grown 32 million trees, shrubs, grasses and bushes since 1981 (see attached map), by matching country landholders with volunteers willing to support them in their revegetation efforts.

Order Seedlings

Grow your own seedlings with support or request the assistance of a volunteer to grow them for you.

Orders are open between May and July for seedlings ready to plant out the following year.

This year we have had to increase the price of our seedlings. The cost of materials is both considerable and increasing and a small but dedicated team is employed to ensure the Tree Scheme runs smoothly.

Our primary objective now is to make sure we can sustain the Tree Scheme by recovering more fixed costs.

Even after the price rise, we will proudly provide good quality local seedlings at least 30% cheaper than any other organisation, while supporting our dedicated volunteers and landholders. The new pricing structure and order forms will be released in May.

Volunteer to Grow 

We will give you all the materials, training and support to grow healthy native seedlings. We have trained more than 1300 people in propagation techniques to date and provide support to thousands of volunteer growers each year.





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